Decompose Signal Node

Hi KNIME community,

I want to rebuild a workflow which I have seen at the Time Series Webinar hold by @Corey. This is the original workflow:

But when I use my data this happens:

Does anybody know whats the Problem and what to do?

Thank you and kind regards!


Hi @Parn,
Thanks for attending the webinar! I’m not immediately familiar with the error but I’d like to figure it out so I can put a fix or catch into the component with a more helpful message.

Could you share a screenshot of the decompose signal configuration and if possible some info about your data? An example value, data type, and number of records.


edit: Thinking about it for a second more I think that error would occur if your Max Lags setting in the configuration is higher than the number of records in your dataset. In the example workflow I believe that number is 200. Can you check that as well?


Hi @Corey,

thanks for your answer. It’s just like you said. The Problem only occurs if the max lag Setting is higher than the records in my dataset. I didn’t considered that and just copied the node.

But now it works, so thank you very much!


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