Deep Learning

Where one can find a node for deep learning?

You can have a look at MLPs (Multi-Layer Perceptrons) as an instance of Deep Learning, but Deep Learning can take many other forms, so there isn't and there will not be just _a_ node for it.


Marco is right, it will be an extension for deep learning.

Enough spoiled for the 3.2 release :-)

hallo everyone

I really need to learn working with KNIME. 

How can I learn to how to congig nodes? for example how can I config Flie Reader node? 

and so on...

Hello mah,

Welcome to the KNIME community.

You can find a lot of training materials here.


PS: You can always open a new post for your qestions. That way it will be easier seen and answered.

Hi Iris

Do we have it now with the new release?



Hi Malik,

yes there is now a complete set of nodes for DeepLearning since 3.2 available.

Here is some description and there are already examples on our example server available.

Best, Iris

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