Deep Preprocessing option missing from stop word filters

I have Knime 3.1.2 and installed the text processing extension: I notice that there is no deep processing option checkbox. Is this module now missing this, or did I somehow miss something while downloading or configuring? I was specifically working with the Stop Word Filter module (but it seems to be missing from other modules as well, e.g. Punctuation Eraser). I'm pretty new to this, so could be something silly on my part. Hoping for suggestions.

Hi Kranite,

this has been changed to 3.x. All preprocessing nodes (also the Stop Word Filter) can be applied directly on a list of documents (document column). The node directly process these documents instead of preprocessing a bag of words. This means deep preprocessing is applied automatically when you are applying a preprocessing node on a input table containing a document column (and no bow).

Cheers, Kilian