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I have a component that includes two “File Upload Widgets” providing upload options for a User on the server.

Is it possible to set for each of these widgets a different default directory (not a file)? So that every time a user clicks on “Select file” in the component this particular folder is opened?

Currently when clicking on the “Select file” button the last opened folder pops up.

I tried to set the path variable in the defaultValue section but that does not change the behaviour:



Did you try “resetting” the component to an unexecuted state and then saving it again? That should return it to the default value upon 1st use.

Hi @iCFO,

many thanks for your reply.

yes I tried that but it is still not working as I was hoping to. The workflow runs on the server and allows the user to load multiple files one after the other by clicking on the “Slect file” button in each of the widgets so re-setting and saving eacht time is not really an option. Another difficulty is that the default folder resides on a network drive.

It is not a big problem but save the user time and would reduce to accidently load the wrong files (I have downstream table validations nevertheless).



Is the workflow being saved after each use? It is is run, but not saved then it seems like default settings would persist between uses.

If this is a component that exists within a wider workflow that the user saves afterwards, then I do not believe there is a solution to this. I have tried a ton of ways to “reset” component configurations so that the selections are only temporary for each 1 time use. Unfortunately this is not possible with the current configuration nodes. I have been trying to develop temporary config nodes that reset after each use, but I haven’t pulled it off yet. I am definitely not in my wheelhouse on such things…

Hello @Anjo ,

Opening the webportal on a local browser and trying to access local files with it is all handled by the used browser, there is (as far as I know) no possible way to configure this on the server side.

Dear @iCFO and @dora_gcs,

many thanks for your information and clarificiation.

The workflow runs on the server and is resetted after each use but one of the components contains a multiple upload option and thus is not resetted each time a user selects a new file. I implemented some validations and provide warnings if a user selects the wrong file to avoid uploading the wrong file.

I will select @iCFO as solution as I got this answer first.

Many thanks again.



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