Default Save As... to current folder in Modern UI

Using KNIME 5.2.x, I recently noticed a gradual build up of unexpected workflows in my root Local folder, as I would be working on a flow and perform a “Save As” to create a new copy (retaining old copies as backups).

Unlike the Classic UI, the Modern UI “Save As…” functionality does not default to the folder containing the current workflow, and instead defaults to the root folder in Local. At least that’s the behaviour I’m seeing.

Worse, if you are working with various levels of folders, it isn’t always easy to remember what the current folder is, and the Save As dialog gives no clues, so you have to traverse back down the folders to find it.

I feel that the Classic UI defaulting to current folder was the more logical choice, but even if it doesn’t now do that, some quick link back to the current workflow’s existing folder would be beneficial.