Define multiple input variables in one node

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I need to define multiple variables and assign them default values. How can I do it in one node? May be in Java Edit variables node? Can you please show me an example.

I am currently using multiple String Input/Integer Input and using Merge Variables.

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Hi Arun,

one option is to use a combination of two nodes: table creator and a table row to variable node.

Table Creator node:
Create a table with only one row, where the column headers are the variable names and the values in the first row are the default values for your variables.

Table Row to Variable node:
Apply this node to your manually created table.

Please let me know in case of any questions.



Instead of two nodes Iā€™d raver use Variable Expression node.

Hi izaychik63,

I dont see that node available in 4.1. Should I install any extension? can you please screenshot/simple example.
Thanks in advance.


You need to install it. Site has plenty of examples on Column Expression node which is close to Variable Expression.

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Hi @arunknimeuser,

check here for more info on how to install additional nodes:


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