Delayed Data App Page Update

Hi Community,

I am working with a data app which needs to send data, have something calculated, and sent back into the data from a secondary compute engine. The computation is long in duration - several seconds - long enough to make it not-user-friendly in the data app.

I am investigating 2 things:

  1. is there a ready-to-use asynchronous calculation metanode / component already out there?
  2. can a KNIME data app web-page be partially loaded while the compute happens externally, and when the data gets sent back, KNIME displays the data in table form (either immediately or after the click of a ‘Refresh’ type button)?


Hi @supersharp,

I like the idea of building user-friendly data apps :slight_smile:
I will share your ideas / requests regarding partially loaded data app web-pages with our developers. For now this is not possible.

For the meantime I have an idea for a workaround though :wink:

You can put the call workflow node outside of the component in parallel to your component. Once the call workflow node is done you can write the resulting file into a temp folder.

Inside of the component you can check whether the file exists already and control with a switch e.g. an Empty Table Switch node, whether or not to execute the nodes that depend on the data from the call workflow.

All nodes and views that don’t depend on the data from the Call Workflow can be executed already and your user can start inspecting them. With a click on the Refresh Button Widget node the User can check whether the new data is already available.

Could this be a workaround for your data app?



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