Delegating with Score Node


I am new too KNIME and I have some problem.

I do not know how to connect the Delegating Metanode with the Scorer Node.

Here you can see the Delegating workflow:

And as you see there is a Node “PMML To Cell” this Node stores the Tables in a PMML Code in to the “Delegating Loop End” and if I connect it with the Scorer Node it does not work because the Scorer Node needs a “normal” Table.

I need the Scorer Node so I can compare the accuracy’s.

I have already build Bagging and Boosting and it works but do not know how to connect the Scorer Node to Delegating to see the accuracy.

Thx for helping!



In the Metanode of Delegating there is a Recursive Loop End which collects all created Models, but there is nothing in KNIME that combine this Modells together.

Is it possible to combine the Modells together in the way like the Idea of Delegating is? I mean that the Models should be putted together as one Modell and not that via Voting a main Modell will be created like it is done in Bagging. 

Hi Serge,

In KNIME you cannot combine multiple non-pmml models, you can only combine pmml models using the Table to PMML Ensemble node. This can than be used with the PMML Ensemble predictor for predicting the values. The resulting output can be compared using the scorer node.

Does this help?

Best, Iris 


PS: did you read our paper about this? : 

We also had a blog post: