Delete a rows with specific value

I’m new here, can someone help me,
I want to delete the rows that contain a cell with this data (ACUM, OBJ, DESV)
I want to drag the value of a cell to different rows until there is another data.

The table is like this:

And the objective is like this:

Hi there @Raquel1998,

well deleting is actually filtering so you can use Rule-based Row Filter node where you write rule(s) based on which filtering is performed.

Regarding populating data you can use Missing Value node with previous value option. (This is under assumption once you read data into KNIME you will have missing values).

Hope this helps,


Hi Ivan,

He tried the following option with the row filter, but he returns the same table, he doesn’t delete the row, which can be?


Hi @Raquel1998,

In addition to the solution by @ipazin, to filter the rows with some specific values using the Row Filter node, you can use “Exclude rows by attribute value” and check “regular expressions” then input this into the “use pattern matching” text box:


Then as Ivan said, by using the Missing Value node, you can fill the missing cells with the value of the previous row.



Hi there @Raquel1998,

follow @armingrudd instructions and if you still experience issues I can make example workflow.

Also you can explore KNIME Hub where you can find workflow examples. This one covers a lot of use cases so check it out:

Good luck!


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Thank you both (@armingrudd, @ izpazon) very much.

It is as you say, solved.

Regards, and thank you very much

Excusme @izapin

Thanks so much!!!

@Raquel1998 Third time is a charm :smiley:

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