delete dolphin*.tmp directories that contain KNIME data ?

hello !

Hope somebody can advise me concerning the following problem:

I´m using KNIME 2.5.2 (latest version) on an OpenSuse (11.4. Version) System.

Generally opensuse DOLPHIN has the problem that it writes bigger files that were deleted once into the tmp directory of the system, especially it creates inner the tmp/kde-myUserName directory some ./dolphin*(anyNumber).tmp directories that again contain some data of KNIME projects (I think these projects were already deleted once), e.g. folders named "Interactive Table (# anyNumber)" and other data of this (deleted) project(s).

(BTW This dolphin.tmp folders also contain other data that was deleted once.)

Now if I want to delete all the dolphin directories using the shell, I´ll be asked whether I really want to delete some write-protected data (file), e.g.:

rm: reguläre Datei (schreibgeschützt) „dolphinb16771.tmp/Java Snippet (#1067)/settings.xml“ entfernen?

Now my question is whether I really can remove these data unhesitatingly or wheter this step would effect that some KNIME processes could not work any more ? (Are these data still in context with the actually used KNIME or only with the deleted data?)

As the ./ drive becomes occupied very fast in the system I´m a bit impaired in doing anything and also Knime and other processes become much slower. So I´d like to delete these stuff, but I´m not sure as I don´t want to damage some important KNIME functionalities.

thanks in advance !!