Delete feature in version update

Hi developers,

we implemented a number of nodes, deployed in a set of features, some with dependencies to others.  With a new package update I want to drop a feature that has a dependency to another feature.  I want to sketch this simplified:

We have features A, B and C, current version 1, so A1, B1 and C1.  B depends on A.

And we have an update package with A2 and C2, having deleted B completely.

Now my problem: the knime/eclipse update wizard complains about a version conflict:  I want to update from A1 to A2, but package B1 (still) exists with dependency to A1!

Question:  Is there a possibility for a p2 update site to explicitly delete an existing feature?

Best, Frank

If the user has explicitly installed B then there is no way to get rid of it automatically. The user has to uninstall it. However, you could ship an empty B2 that doesn't have any dependencies.

Hi thor,

thank's for that precious help!  In my (the developer's) view, of course it's only a workaround, but an easy one, and in the end, only the customer's view counts! :)

Knime users always get irritated when seeing update conflicts - and I really can understand this.  I as a developer often don't understand the oftentimes very technical eclipse messages.

Following the example: I will publish an empty B2, and with the next version there should be no problem any more to just leave out B, because now it has no dependencies any longer.