Delete Files/Folders: Delete Sub-Folder by using asterix or fullstop


when files or folders are created dynamically i.e. via Create Temp Folder, it is currently necessary to first list and filter before being able to delete a specific sub-folder.

In fact, when using a path declaration such as “tmp/.”, it will also delete the parent folder.

Using an asterix results in failure, though.

Therefore, I’d like to suggest to allow usage of “.*” or add the filter options from the List Files/Folder Node and eventually the option to either in-/exclude the parent folder.


Hi @mwiegand,

If I understood your point correctly, you are trying to delete everything in a folder (including files and folders) but keep the folder, right?

For files, it’s possible to use pattern matching, even files in subfolders (with the “Files in folder” option).
But for subfolders, you can use List Files/Folders and then remove everything in a folder.

I’m not sure how necessary it is to have this in Delete File/Folders. Do you have any use case for that?

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Hi @armingrudd,

you got it right. The fallback to list files / folders first and them use the table Delete files / Folders node is unnecessary complex.

The use case is simple, sometimes you want to keep a certain folder, i.e. it is used by other applications like Git, and only empty / reset it. Not having to check if the folder actually exists in order to write data, makes workflow management also easier.


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