Delete Files/Folders for specific file list

I have been trying to replace my IO handling nodes from 4.2.x to new ones available on 4.3. However, by using new Delete Files/Folders I cannot have the same functionality as before. I do have a previous file list where I want to delete only those listed and not only one single or the entire folder. Using the deprecated Delete Files I can input the desired list, however, I cannot get the same behavior by using flow variable as there is no longer regular input.

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Hello sandiver,
thank you for joining the KNIME community. We are aware of this missing functionality and will add it with the next update. Until then you can either use the deprecated Delete Files node or use the Table Row to Variable Loop Start node to pass in the file to delete via flow variable. We are sorry that this feature didn’t made it into the release but will provide it as soon as possible.


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Hello @sandiver,

adding info that this was addressed with new KNIME version 4.4.0 which features Delete Files/Folders (Table) node.


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