delete the created Rowindex with the java node


i've got a question about the Row index or how can ich delete a part of a string.

I create a Row Index for special part of my columns...original : "Garda" after the Java node " Garda_1" my table look like:

Time        document

2006       Garda_2

2011       Garda_7

2011       Selenta_1

etc....., i wanna delete"_*"  to group/count every column with the input garda or Selenta....


You could use the String Manipulation node with the following expression: substr($document$, 0, indexOf($document$, "_"))

I would use the Cell Splitter than you can retain the number as well :)

Thanks a lot!! It works :)

Hi Cathi,

you could also use the Regex Split node with the following regular expression


as split pattern. This will append a new column containing Garda or Selenta...