Delete the figures in a column below a defined value


I am beginner in Knime and I have a column containing positive figures and negatives figures. I would like to replace the figures below 1 by the number 1. Which node do I have to use for that ?

By the way, what is the difference between double and int ?


I was trying to use a row filter to delete negative numbers and my column in question contains only numbers under the format doublecell. The negative values varies between -2577,93 and 0 and in the row filter node, I selected "exclude rows by attribute value" with a range checking (lower bound: -2577,93 and upper bound: 0). This configuration did not help me to get the result that I expected.

Could you explain me why ? Do you have other alternatives ?


If your numbers are already numbers (not text/string), I would use a Rule Engine or one of the Java Snippet nodes to perform this kind of transformation.

Both double and int are numbers, the double stands for double precision floating point numbers -an approximation of real numbers*-, while int stands for integer numbers -this is an approximation of integer numbers (signed, 32 bit numbers from -2^31 to 2^31-1).

Cheers, gabor

*: actually a bit more or less, it does not contain 0, but contains two approximations of it: 0.0 and -0.0; it contains positive and negative infinity and a special value for the result of computations like 0.0/0.0, infinity-infinity ... called NaN, not a number.


I think the Row Filter is the good choice here, although you do not need to be precise for the lower bound, as it might be lower with the next datasets (obviously this precise number might be what you need). The only suspicious thing I see is the comma in the number. I think you should use decimal point when you specify numbers in KNIME.

Could you tell how the result do not match your expectations?

Thanks, gabor