Deleted Components are still visible in workflow folder

Hi All,

I created a workflow with component_1 and uploaded the workflow to the server. I added component_2 and created a snapshot of the workflow. I deleted component_2 and created a snapshot. I added component_1 again and created a snapshot. I deleted one of the component_1 and created a snpshot.
I copied the workflow into my LOCAL repository and open the workflow folder in windows explorer. I could see folders for component_1 (two folders) and component_2. How can there be 3 component folders even thought there is only one component (component_1) in the workflow folder?


I often have to delete workflows and components a second time to get rid of them as well. Did deleting them individually another time eventually clear them?

It is certainly odd behavior…


Is it safe to assume that you are using the latest version of AP (4.5.2)?
Additionally, what version of KNIME server is being used in this example?


Hi @NDekay,

I am using AP version 4.4.2 and the server version is 4.13.4


Hey @nithinth7,

So I attempted to recreate this issue on the newest version and your current version, and I am not able to see similar results.

Does the workflow that you save look as you would expect in the workflow editor in the Analytics Platform, or are you seeing the multiple components populate the workflow?


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