Deleting files starting in a dot with the new deletion node


I have trouble with the new Delete Files/Folders node. The Parquet Writer writes crc files with names names starting in a dot (read: as hidden files on Unix). The new file deletion node cannot delete these on Windows. It doesn’t matter whether I use the “Include hidden files” checkbox or a pattern like “.*” or nothing at all. Files with a different name - not starting in a dot - are properly deleted without problems.

Does anyone else see this?

Hi MeikelBrandmeyer,

thanks for posting! I just tried to reproduce your problem and I was not able to do it. I tested to delete files with a leading “.” like .test.txt hidden and unhidden and both things have been possible. Is the node failing or does it just not delete the file? It would be cool if you could share a small workflow which does not work for you to do some further investigations. :slight_smile:

Best Lars

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It just does not “see” the files. As if they were non-existing.

Oh! Interestingly it finds both files, when I switch the access method!

Here is a workflow, which should reproduce the problem. (You may have to create the data directory in the workflow.)

dot_deletion.knwf (10.9 KB)


Thanks for sharing your workflow! I just tested it myself and I was facing the same behavior. It seems only to occur with the Mountpoint filesystem. We have to do some investigations to check out what the actual problem is. Will let you know when we found a solution. I hope you can get the job done without using Mountpoint until then :slight_smile:

Best regards and a nice weekend


Yes. That works for me. In hindsight, not using the mountpoint is most likely the better approach. Using it should probably still work, I presume.


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