Dendogram appeareance question

Hi all,

I'm currently having a look at the Clustering Document workflow example provided on KNIME website.

Basically at the end of the process, where we got about 300 documents, the workflow performs a hierarchical clustering process, ending up with a "classical" dendogram.

The simple question is: how can I get the value of the points non visible on the x-axis? In other words, there ase some points in a cluster that are clearly identifiable (with their document number) other are not visible. so how can I get the full list of points in a cluster?

I've attached the dendogram (in PNG format) as well.


Thanks a lot in advance!




You can use the hiliting funtionality. Select the cluster in the dendrogram via, then hilite via the menu and the correspong rows are hilited in all other views in the workflow.

Thanks Thor! I just needed to practice a bit with the mouse on the cluster elements of the dendogram... :-)