Dendrogram with Heatmap (Clustering)

Does anyone have a way to get a dendrogram with heatmap to display for clustering purposes?


I do. The current update site.

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Thank you so much! Can you give me instructions on the best way to install your node? I am not finding it intuitive, but I am also new to KNIME.

You should download the update site ( and from Help | Install New Software… | [Add…] | [Archive…] (name it as you want)
Select and install the (single) KNIME utilities feature. ([Next] | [Next] | accept license | [Finish] | [Install Anyway] | [Restart Now].) After restart you should be able to find the Dendrogram with Heatmap node.

Thank you so much!

Hello there,

I recently tried to install Dendrogram with Heatmap node following these post.
However I am getting this error while installing the 'KNIME Utilities
> " Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
> Software being installed: KNIME utilities (
> Missing requirement: KNIME utilities ( requires ‘org.knime.core [3.1.0,4.0.0)’ but it could not be found "

Attached is a screenshot
Dendrogram with Heatmap error|690x353

Can you help?

If I’m reading the error message correctly, the node is looking for a version of KNIME Core between 3.1 and 4.0, but you (like me) probably have 4.1 installed.

Let’s tag @aborg and see if that can be updated.

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Thanks @ScottF, tagging helps. :slight_smile: (Also creating issues in its issue tracker.)
@pandasas, I have created a new “release” with updated versions.


Hi @aborg,

I would like to do the same thing, combine my dendrogram with Heatmap. I can install the latest Version from your release. Only get the Security Warning: Installinf unsigned software for which the authenticity or validity cannot be established. I tipped Install anyway. After Restart KNIME, I cannt find Dendrogram with Heatmap node. I repeated this process 3 times, same results. I got no error message, the installation is complet, only I cannt find the node.

Can you help me?


@ShuLiu you could try and use an R version of heatmap with dendrogram

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