Deploy new component version on Server

Hi all,
I want to deploy on a server a new version of a component I developed, but it does not allow overwriting.
What I’m doing wrong? There is a better way to update a component coded in local?


Hi Slenti,

What version of KNIME AP and KNIME Server are you running?


I’m not sure how to check the server version, I guess it is 4.11.4
Screenshot 2021-01-27 112425 (2)

Knime AP is 4.2.4

Thanks for your reply

I also face this issue from time to time . . . I never found out whats wrong and had to delete the old one to get the new one in place (KNIME 4.1.3 and quivalent KNIME Server 4.10.3).


Well, for me an important feature of the KNIME server was the versioning (create snapshots of components and workflows). This way you lose it.

I agree! I just didn’t find another solution and needed the nodes online. That’s why I am glad you asked here. Let’s see if KNIME can give the answer :slight_smile:

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And do you have this constantly? Or random?

Because I just uploaded one exactly like this… no problems.

Are you sure you have write permissions on the component?

I have this randomly. I am updating and updating over the time and suddenly it does not show the snapshot function anymore. After I deleted the old and uploded the new I can continue updating without issues. And it is not always the same node in my case.


Thank you for your reply.
It happens everytime.
Those are my permissions:
It should be no permissions problem, because I can overwrite the main workflow:

I can overwrite the entire folder (containing components) but not a single component.

Hi @slenti ,

I have been unable to reproduce this issue using Knime Server 4.11.5 and AP 4.2.5, would you be able to update your Knime versions and test again? If you are not able, perhaps we can jump on a call to see the issue live. Please email so we can take this conversation off of the forum and attempt to set up a call if updating does not help.


Hi, I have the exact same issue here with Knime Analytics 4.3.4
I can not overwrite a shared component on the knime Server.

Hi @Viguro,

Would you be able to update to version 4.4.1 and see if you still have the same issues? Which version of KNIME Server/Executor are you connecting to from your 4.3.4 AP version?