Describing components in the hub space


Maybe I should not have tagged it with labs. Here is my issue.

I created two shared components I feel could come in handy to others. I published them on my hub space at thiemo.kellner/Public – Database Components – KNIME Community Hub , but I do not know how to add some descriptions to their respective page. They might be a tiny touch nondescript.

Would appreciate a nudge in the right direction.

Kind regards


Hi @Thiemo.Kellner


  • Unlink the component
  • Go inside the component
  • Open the description tab (View menu)
  • Click on the edit icon
  • Apply the desired changes and save them
  • Share the component again

Old UI

New UI

Example (my private space, will remove later)

PS: I removed the tag for you.


Hi @ArjenEX

Thanks for your hints. I did update the descriptions. However, I did not need to un- and re-link the components. I just could amend them in my local space directly and upload them.



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