Detect words and set value for it, e.g. find categories in text

Hello Knime community,
I have large amounts of product data organized in columns and rows.
I am trying to get (amongst other) the “categories” for my products by matching them against a category list. Let’s say in the data there is the term “ski jacket”. According to my category list that should be categorized as a “winter jacket”.

So I concatenated all the columns that potentially contain the category information for each row
(= each row equals a product) and I was able to tag it as “ski jacket” using the dictionary tagger, but now I am stuck. How do I get the information that it is a “winter jacket” in now?

Are there in general also better ways to do that?

Hope someone can help.


Hello JulesD,

here is a link to a post with several solutions that could help you:

If this is not helping you, can you provide a small example workflow, so I can better help you?

Thank you,


Hello lelloba,
thanks a lot, that helps and I guess one of the solutions provided will work in my case.

Kind regards,


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