Detecting and visualizing Price Changes

Hey guys hope you are well.
I have a task which I need your help with. The goal is to visualize price changes for a certain product on a monthly basis. I appended the dataset and a mock up visual from Tableau.
Every Product has a valid from and valid to timestamp
Final Goal looks sth like this

input.xlsx (452.0 KB)
I thought about some combination of group loop, sorter, lag column but I am not sure whether that is the best solution. Furthermore I am not even sure I can apply KNIME and need to do it directly in Tableau somehow.
I still want to kindly ask if anyone has some Idea on how to best approach that. (In KNIME of course as we are in the KNIME forum of course but if you have ideas regarding Tableau directly please let me know as well :wink:)
It ’ s kind of urgend (as always I know) but if you have any idea/help please share.
Thanks a lot, best regards and enjoy your weekend

Hi @Daniel_Weikert

I have some trouble to understand the data. First of all there a lot of duplicate records in this dataset.
Schermafdruk van 2022-11-26 11-00-06

Does Id identify a unique product?
What is the role of the column Price List
E.g. this selection of Id = 16775794

Schermafdruk van 2022-11-26 11-00-49

The Preis changes (for some reason?), but I can’t refer the change to Price List, Valid From or Valid To, because they are constant.

gr. Hans

Hi @HansS ,
thanks for your answer and sorry for any misunderstanding.
The data is not “clean” unfortunately so there are duplicates (real world issue) which make no sense as the cover the same date range.
You are correct Id identifies a product and normally when an price for an id changes then also the price list name gets updated
There are Id where price is not changing at all so I would filter them out because they are not interesting
for those who have price changes (here as an example different price lists different min max prices I need to indentify when the price changed and from what to what (no delta but the original price and the updated price (Preis)


Hi @Daniel_Weikert

“running out of time today” but nice challenge. See
Detecting and visualizing Price Changes.knwf (264.2 KB)

I hope it brings the solution a little bit closer.

gr. Hans


Thanks I will have a look appreciate your efforts.
br and take care

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