detection of micro calcification in breasts

Dear KNIME Community

We have a work in which I have to detect micro calcifications. The data I have are a csv-file with the following structure:

x y abs dci cal
1 1 0.3568890 0.9137022 0
2 1 0.3568890 0.9137022 0
3 1 0.3593777 0.9380856 0
4 1 0.3596850 1.0087227 0
5 1 0.3604175 1.0206963 0
6 1 0.3584114 0.9282873 0

"x" and "y" represent the position of the pixel (in pixels), "abs" is the absorption intensity, "dci" is the scattering intensity. "cal" is the likelihood that the value is part of calcification (not normalized). In the attachment you find the picture with the absorption values (abs_picture.png) and the cal_picture.

If you want to download the csv file I can only provide my dropbox link, since it is larger than the 4 MB allowed to upload in the forum (


The goal is the identify the cal pixels from the abs, dci channels of the given and surrounding (x-x')^2+(y-y')^2<R^2 pixels. Therefore a receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve was made, which compares the processed image with the cal_picture image. (See workflow, open the meta node Calculate ROC area and view the output of the ROC Curve). 

We tried to get a high value as close as possible to 1.0. With the workflow microcalcification_update we reached 0.6581 for the absorption. We try to get a better value and also a good value for the scattering data.

Do you have an idea how we can reach this? Any help is very appreciated.

Best wishes,

Matthias, Vittora, Federica




Hi Matthias, Vittoria and Federica,

I will have a look today or tomorrow and give you some hints ;-)

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Hi Christian 

Thank you very much for your offer. Unfortunately we had to present it yesterday. I posted this more than two weeks ago, but the revision took so long before it was actually posted. Maybe the revision took so long, because it was my first post.

If you did not yet look at it, then don't bother :) But if you do, it would still be interesting how we can solve that problem :)

Have a nice weekend!

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Hi Matthias,

if there is ever a post stuck in our spam detection, just write me an E-Mail. However, I'm still going to take a look at the project and see what I can do. I will post the results here.

Hope your presentation went well,


Hi Christian

Okay next time if it is stuck, I write you. The presentation went well, thank you!
As said, you don't have to bother for the project :)

Have a good day and see you another time :)