Determine Location of Workflow in the HUB (or local)

Dear community,

I am looking for a method to determine the excat location of a Workflow to trigger certain different paths.

Example 1:
I need to know if a workflow is stored locally or opened via the remote workflow editor from any HUB Space.
The reason is a configuration made on the HUB Connector, which is configured as “Current KNIME HUB”, but on a local workflow, this configuration is not working, so I need to explicitly call the HUB. This connector is embedded in a component, as we widley use it in a multitude of workflows. So it would be great, if we can build in a logic that can easily determine, where the workflow was opened/is originally stored. (in the Context properties, i could not find a suitable and safe config)
If it is running as a job, it of course can use the current HUB option (this can be done by th job id missing or not)


Example 2:
We want to trigger some components to write into different schemas, depending on their space location.
Let’s assume we have a Space “DEVSpace” and a Space “ProductionSpace”. The Database has a Schema “DEV_Schema” and a Shema “PROD_Schema”. So whenever the workflow runs from the “DEVSpace” I want to have a variable created with “DEV_Schema” and, if it runs on “ProductionSpace” the variable should be set to “PRODSpace”. ideally this can be done in a node, that can be used in every workflow, to ensure the correct “reading and writing” to the database.

Any ideas? :wink:

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Hi @KirkThieme , and welcome to the KNIME community

I don’t know if there is a better way, but if you look at the Context Properties on the Extract Context Properties node, and find the following variables:


for a locally stored workflow, I believe the workflow.absolute-path will start with the value in knime.workspace, but for a remote (downloaded) workflow it won’t.

I don’t have a business hub to play with at the moment, so I’m taking a few guesses here, but does that help at all?

Of course if the downloaded one then gets saved locally, the path would change to the workspace, so I don’t know if you are also trying to see if that has happened.

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Hi @takbb ,

this is already a good way, I need to test it if it completely fulfills my need :wink:
But basically you are saying if
I can assume, somebody using the component is on a local machine.
if it differs, (because absolute path points to a temp space) then it is running on the hub.

Now I only need to determine which space on the HUB :wink:


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Hi @KirkThieme, a small typo in what you wrote


but yes, something like that. Hope it helps anyway.

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