DFG miner - Graphs with more than 50 nodes are not visualised to prevent hanging

Hello Community,
I am about to test process mining extension.
Therefore I downloaded the example workflow from KNIME Hub: https://hub.knime.com/pm4knime/spaces/Public/Ticketing%20Management~cmFoVAnbtuNFHayg/current-state

However after opening DFG miner result, I got message that the graph cannot be visualised. Any ideas how can I see the result?

Thank you.

Hi @volsebna -

Good question. Let’s tag the extension maintainer, @PM4KNIME , to see if they can provide any additional suggestions.

Hi @volsebna,

such complex graphs are usually generated by setting incorrect case or event classifiers. For the data set in this example, you should use “Case ID” as the trace classifier and “Activity” as the event classifier. Hope this helps!

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