Diagonalization of the data

Hello community,
I have the data in column but I want to make the data to be diagonalized. Would you share how could you do this?
This is the current data I have.
I want to transform to be like this.

You can find excel sheet. It will be very helpful if you can create knime file and attach for my reference.

DateCal_20200430.xlsx (11.9 KB)

Try this:

KNIME_forum_23183_pigreco.knwf (11.2 KB)

Thank you very much. I could make it through. You are my hero.
I have additional question:
When have to get day in the month and weight, we can run the loop as you have showed in Duration days in the month for weighted distribution.
However, when the data get larger, the loop takes time.
The reason is that loop Serial calculation which take 1-2 min to finish for about 3000 lines.

If I could get nodes (this is over 600 nodes!!) for 78 patterns for the year, I can get the answer easily within 20 seconds. I separate all patterns…
The reason is that this is parallel calculation. Is there way that we can calculate fast with less nodes?

DateCal_20200430_2.xlsx (178.4 KB)

I totally changed previous approach and rewrote workflow to get days in month.
Try to use this approach in your loop and give me a feedback when you’ll can.

KNIME_forum23048_2_pigreco.knwf (23.5 KB)

Thank you very much.

I saw it. When I process the data I found that almost all data start from the beginning day of the month and ends at end day of the month. = Chunk A

Therefore, I think I can first do the joiner to find those rows.
The rest = Chunk B: I can run the loop to get the weight.

Chunk A, we can consider days in the month is full. I stopped here. I can not proceed with date more than 2 months separation…
23183.knwf (161.5 KB)

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