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One major annoyance with Knime is the “Dialog cannot be opened” error. Because the branch is currently inactive, you are in the wrong iteration of a loop, some column missing with current input data or whatever other obscure reason. In many cases I just want to check something, copy some code snippet to use it else where in the flow or maybe even fix something or add a comment (e.g. in Python/Java code).
Then I have to change flow parameters and rerun the entire flow all over, in order to activate the branch in question or whatever just to get the dialog to open. And then do the same thing again to get back to the original state I was working on. Problem is: this may take quite a while and it invalidates precious cached results.

Pleeeeease, just let me open the dialogs! :pray: At least read-only. It drives me insane…

Btw: is there a bug tracker to enter such, and other, issues?




Hi @redm -

I can run this idea by our developers - in particular the idea about opening Python/R/Java nodes that are there primarily to store and execute code. In some cases, it may still not be possible to open a node configuration if the prerequisites don’t exist, buy maybe we can improve here. Thanks for your input.

As to your other question - we’re working on a method that would allow for forum users to submit bugs in a consistent way. Stay tuned…


Cool. I think it’s helpful for any node, not just code. Like I’m currently refactoring some flow, I already modified parts and it’s not easy to provide proper “old” input to the remaining nodes. And I regularly wonder: what exactly did I calculate in this Math node? What columns did I filter in that Filter node? Etc. Just show me! :slight_smile: I mean nodes probably have their config stored somewhere, even if prerequisites are not fulfilled…

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Hello KNIME nation,
is there any update on the subject? And by that, I mean the main issue which prevents opening configuration dialogue of a node in an inactive branch.

It is still so relevant and still hurts :persevere:

I’ve figured out a workaround, so, I just reply to myself. Maybe someone finds it helpful…
In short, a node of interest can be copied and pasted in the same workspace, and, without attaching it to anything, it is possible to peek inside of it. As simple as it gets :neutral_face:

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I am a beginner and this error came up, while i was executing the first node.
How can i fix it?

Hi @Nara and welcome to the forum. You have resurrected quite an old thread here, but have not provided much detail for us to help you. In many cases the “Dialog cannot be opened” message is not really an error per se, but an indication that you have not executed upstream nodes.

Can you post at least a screenshot with the text of any errors or warnings you see in the console? It would be even better if you could upload the workflow itself (assuming there is not any confidential data in it, of course).