DialogComponentColumnFilter: exclude all columns

I use this component to select multiple columns and not for removing them from the table. Is there a way to exclude all the columns? By default all columns are included

Is it possible to clear the include list when the node first loads? 

I can speciy a default include and exclude list but I don't know if there is a way of saying to exclude everything. Note: these lists are string arrays of column names and pattern .* in exclude list does not work. I tried it.



found the solution. You need to use one specifiy constructor that has the option for setting this. The last "false" is for including unknown columns which is true per default. You also need to incude a ColumnFilter before this.

DialogComponentColumnFilter columnFilter = new DialogComponentColumnFilter(
	new SettingsModelFilterString(
			IdentifierConverterNodeModel.IN_PORT, false, new ColumnFilterPanel.ValueClassFilter(
			StringValue.class, SmilesValue.class, MolValue.class, 
			SdfValue.class, InchiValue.class), false);