Dictionary string manipulation on multiple columns


I have a dictionary containing several “search-replace” string pairs that I would like to use to modify several columns. I am able to write the flow variable replace expression for each dictionary entry and apply to multiple columns (via Multicolumn String Manipulation) but I cannot get the structure of the loop right…


… in this way the inital table is reapeted n times where n is the number of dictionary entries and I have only one string manipulation done per block. I need to apply consequently each manipulation to the same table.

Do I need to code this in Java?


I think one option would be a recursive loop where you only keep the last iteration.
You could also have a look at string replace (Dictionary)


Thanks… key was to take only the final iteration and I have done it:

Not so easy to configure the end condition flow variables (I was trying hard to have a boolean variables then I discovered they don’t exist in Knime - node documentation shall be improved).

I don’t use the String Replace Dictionary because it works only with input files and not in tables :frowning:

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