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Hee everybody,

I'm trying to do some text mining with KNIME and I really want to use the dictionary tagger.

For the top input thing, I used a Flat File Document Parser which includes my two texts (both .txt files in the same folder) which I want to use. For the bottom input, I use a Flat File Document Parser which has a .txt file with one column with only names, which is the dictionary I want to use. I believe I've done what I was supposed to, however, the Dictionary Tagger node gives me a warning 'no column with StringCells found!'

I'v tried googling and I've tried all kinds of other things, but I can't seem to find the solution... Is there someone who could tell me what I'm doing wrong? I would really appreciate the help!



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Hi Leoni,

the dictionary needs to be provided as a single string column, containing the terms to tag. If you have a dictionary file where each line contains one term (multi words are possible) to tag you can use the File Reader node. Example of a dictionary file:




multi word


This node will create a data table containing one string column, which you can use as your dictionary. Connect this output table to the second in port of the Dict. Tagger.


Cheers, Kilian

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Thanks a lot! It works now :)

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I also did some text processing in KNIME and would like to use the dictionary tagger to categorize relevant words in my texts (i.e. money, entreprise, CEO --> category: business; ...). My question just is, if there is any dictionary available online to do this?

I tried to google it, but didn´t find it. Can anybody help me, how to find one? (or maybe just what i have to type into google ;-) )

Thanks a lot!

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The Dictionary tagger provides no dictionary. To use this node you have to bring your own dictionary. The dictionary data which has to be provided to the node as second input table can be red in several ways, e.g. using the File Reader node or the CSV reader node. The node requires as dictionary input one string column containing the dictionary entries.

Basically a dictionary is just a list of words. There are many lists out there on the web. What kind of dictionary are you looking for? What kind of words are relevant for you?

Cheers, Kilian

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