Dictionary tagger + Table Creator

Hi everybody,

through a project I need find the company's products in the text fields and also create a positive / negative dictionary.

Through the "Table Creator" I have inserted all the products and using Dictionary tagger I have sorted the sentence out

After the Preprocessing and keyword-search I have created another two Dictionary (positive / negative), where I have the words "expensive" (negative) or "good" (positive) inserted by hand.

Now I can not analyse more because I have some problems:

1) I there a way to fix the repetition of the words?
If Product A appears two or three times in the sentence, comes the following before: "AAA"

2) Is there a Dictionary or Node that I can use to search for positive or negative words? It must be entered manually each custom word. Are there any templates or alternatives?

3 ) In the creation of dictionary with a "Table Creation"  only words are considered. It would be nice if I could use certain expressions, such as "No interest" in a negative Dictionary. In the simple input expressions are treated separately and then emerges: "no" and "interest" and that contradicts the task. If this is not possible, you can create a process that translates the pre-defined words, such as "high priced" = "expencive".

I need help urgently and it would be great if someone could help me :)

Thanks in advance


Hi Shony,

1) You can use the Wildcard Tagger node in combination with regular expressions to tag documents. Instead of searching for "A" use "A+" as regex to search with.

2) There are no dictionaries provided with the Texprocessing extension. However, there are dictionaries on the web. You don't need the Table Creator node to create the table containing the dictionary. If you have a file containing the words of a dictionary you can also use e.g. the File Reader node.

3) Use the Wildcard Tagger node to search for multi terms. You can specify "no interest" as dictionary term. Just make sure to check "Multi term (sentence based)" in the node dialog. The node will find and tag these multi terms.

Cheers, Kilian

Thank you very much.

But I have questions again... :)

Wildcard tagger irritates me a little bit. When I use the "Sentiment - negative / very negative",  in the ouput there are sentence, which  I would not be regarded as negative. Is there perhaps the logic, I just do not understand? ( I have checked "set named...", "regular expression", "multi term")

In case of the "A". This Product has not only one name, for example: first name ist "rose" another one is "dark red" or "coral". And I want, that will be only and all about "RED". Is there one node that can allow me to summarize in one word (so called Synonym forming)?

Once again many thanks for your support! Your help motivate me again and again.
(Vielen Herzlichen Dank für Eure Unterstützung! Ohne Eure Hilfe würde ich nicht so weiter kommen können)

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