Dictionary Tagger Tags

The ability to add arbitrary tags to a dictionary tagger would be very useful.

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Hey rfeigel,

yes, unfortunately this is not possible right now. Since this is something frequently asked for, I will discuss it with my colleagues.

However, if you have some development knowledge, you could integrate an own Tag Set.
You could also use another tag within the dictionary tagger and keep the tags as a String column. Therefore, you have to apply the Bag Of Words node after tagging and extract the tags with the “Tags To String” node, which will return a String column with tags belonging to each term of the BoW. Afterwards, you could replace the tags in the String column with the “String Replacer” node and name them however you want. If you want to use more than one tag you can redo this with a different dictionary and join the results afterwards.




Thanks very much! The developer approach is beyond me, but your second suggestions works well for my purposes.