Dictionary tagger


I have various formulas I want to replace with an api from KEGG

ex: h2o to H20
co2 to CO2

I need to replace these terms to match the api from kegg but I’m not sure how to do so.

ex. I would want to change this statement into the same format as on Kegg O2 + h + NADPh + tolbutamide => NADP + h + 4mtolbutamide

I have tried using the dictionary tagger node but it doesnt seem to be working. Any suggestions?


Hi @haya123,

i think you can use the Dict Replacer Node with 2 in-ports instead of the Dictionary Tagger.
You need to provide a list of terms you want to search and a corresponding column with replacement expressions. You can provide this list on the second input port and configure the columns in the configuration dialog.

I hope this helps