Didnt export workflows before uninstalling KNIME

I was wanting to update to the latest version on KNIME. Mine was stuck on a previous version and kept saying there were no updates available. I decided to uninstall it and reinstall it. Problem is that I forgot to export my workflow. I have the files with all the info copied but I cannot get KNIME to allow me to import them since they are just a collection of folders and files. Is there a way to fix this? I have models from a class I took and I don’t want to loose them especially the one that has a functioning rule engine with forward selection. Can anyone help?

You should be able to change the location of your workspace to the original location where all your work is stored. Or you could import them as folders


Just to be sure you should always have a backup of your work try thru time machine on a Mac or Dropbox or any other suitable backup.


That’s just it. I have dropped them into the workspace and it still will not let me import it. It opens the folders so I can see all the different node folders but it does not allow me to actually import it

You should either change the workspace location or import them from outside the current workspace

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Hi @kevbake407,

which OS and which KNIME versions were/are you running? Also I think in cases like this couple of print screens might help :wink:


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