Difference between Hierarchical Clustering and Hierarchical Clustering(DistMatrix)

Dear all,

i tried following two nodes to do hierarchical clustering.

  1. only with Hierarchical Clustering: here I can only select between Euclidean or Manhattan

  2. use Numeric Distances with Hierarchical Clustering(DistMatrix) and then Hierarchical Cluster Assigner, here I can choose either Cosine Distance or standard Distance.

Astonishingly, I tried same dataset, with method1, no problem, with method2, the Cluster Assigner didnt work with both Distance method (it shows yellow as you see in the picture). I always use complete linkage.
I cannt find more description for the nodes. It seems these two methods should be the same if I use Euclidean for both, why with method2, I cannt get any results?

Can somebody help me?


Hi @ShuLiu,

can you please try to execute the Hierarchical Cluster Assigner node and let me know what kind of error message you get?


Hi Katrin,

i get no errror messages, only the node can not be executed, it showed yellow with execution. Either I need to change the setup from average to complete linkage, then it gave some results. Or same setup with method1 works.


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