Difference in interface

Hi all,
I am new to KNIME. when I went through the the software, the interface is different from what is shown in various learning videos.
I am posting a snapshot of my interface.
Am I using the correct software or is there any option that I have to select/deselect to get the standard mode ?
please help

hi @aravindsankar90 , welcome to the forum.

i noticed that you are using the new knime 5.1 user interface. most of the previous learning videos are based on the 4.x UI, so you may want to switch back to that if you are having trouble following along. you can check out the group discussion on switchover ui,


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thanks a lot @marzukim . is there any learning materials/videos available for the new interface ?

may be you can start from here:

I hope these links are helpful in moving forward.


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Hi @aravindsankar90 -

You caught us at an… interesting time :sweat_smile:

We are actively working on updating our videos, courses, and books to use the new 5.1 interface. As you might imagine, it’s quite a lot of material! Over the next month or so you should start to see this new material appear on our website, Youtube channel, socials, and all other places we post content. :slight_smile: