Difference of two different rows from two different columns

Hello Knime experts!!
Greetings to all…

I am new to knime and I am stuck at one step.

I am trying to retrieve a row value of “A” of column “x” and substracting the same with row value “B” under column “y” table as below:

Here table X and table Y both will have values for both rows, but I want X column’s value for A divided by Y column value for B. Also, in real data, I have many columns in between X and Y.
Here I want to retrieve the below in new column:
1230/400 = 3.075

Can someone help me understand how to do so using Knime analytics platform?
All suggestions are appreciated!



Does this help?
divide one below.knwf (28.3 KB)


Hi rd2575691,

Yes this helped with resolving the issue.
Thanks for helping me out in such short time!


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