Different behavior one workflow on the server and on the local computer


I have a workflow, there are the next steps:

  1. read config table and prepare list of different queries from one source
  2. via Loop run every query and load into stage area

It is working fine on desktop

But when I run it on Server I have an error: Included column list contains invalid column(s)!

Could you please help to understand what is the reason for this different behavior on desktop and on the server?

Or maybe anybody know how I can read and write results from various queries to corresponding tables by other way?



Can you please verify what the column list is in the local AP vs. what it is showing on the Server?

Do you happen to know if you use client-profiles from the server? If you are not, the drivers may be different between the local AP and Server Executor causing potential issues with accepted connection strings to the DB Writer Node.

What version of Knime AP and KNIME Server are you running?


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