Direct Access to Local File System is not allowed on Knime server

Hi, I had 4.11 version of Knime server and installed 4.15 recently from scratch. I pointed the workflow repo of 4.11 directly to 4.15. Now I am getting this error. Could anyone please help me with this?

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You’d need to configure the Server to have Local File System access. It’s described HERE when you scroll a bit down to Local file system access by KNIME workflows.

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having taken the time to get this working on 4.15, I would like to note, that the solution is poorly documented by knime. Just changing the executor preference (“/instance/org.knime.filehandling.core/allow_local_fs_access_on_server=true” under workflow_repository\config\client-profiles\executor will not work. Furthermore, all the different .epf files should be decribed in more detail to avoid confusion on the side of your professional customers (combined.preferences.epf? default.epf? excecutor.epf? Preferences in the knime-excecutor GUI? Which one should be modified?).
There is also no mention of the necessary changes to the knime.ini files (above the -vmargs entry)

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Hi Michael,

thank you for your feedback. I agree that customization profiles - while powerful - are not easy to wrap around.

Documenting all possible customizations isn’t feasible due to the open-source nature of KNIME AP. However, we may be able to provide better examples or make the documentation more accessible. I’ll forward the feedback to our documentation team, if you have concrete suggestions, I’d be happy to add them.

Currently, you’ll find our general documentation here with additional notes for executors here.

Both are linked from our DB guide, which is a common use-case for customizations.

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Hello Marvin (@marvin.kickuth),

I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to bring to the attention of the KNIME Team that the documentation regarding local file system access could really benefit from expansion/improvement. KNIME and the KNIME Server have proven to be incredibly versatile, offering seamless connectivity with a wide array of technologies. Given this versatility, it comes as a big surprise that users may encounter quite a challenge when attempting to connect to local folders when this is required.

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