Direct linking to workflows in the webportal

Going off the WebPortal 4.6 User Guide p19: ‘it is possible to link directly to specific workflows in the webportal’ using URLs such as:

I’ve tried this to send users to a folder called ‘WebPortal’ which holds all of the workflows that can run on the Webportal:
This works fine initially, but when the user then clicks on a workflow and then presses ‘start’ the file path changes to:
(i.e. the ‘r’ from ‘root’ disappears and a ‘/’ appears before ‘Webprotal’) and an error message appears stating : “Workflow job not found:The workflow job with the id: 24d3044e-a9c7-46eb-8045-a33dad6375f9& does not exist”

Does anyone know if I’m doing something wrong here?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Mike, You’re doing exactly the right thing. I just reproduced on my server here and see the same behaviour. I’m opening a ticket to get a fix made.

Hi Jon,

Many thanks for your quick response and for opening a ticket to fix it.

Hopefully this can be fixed easily as it’s a neat tool which could stop users from trying to run workflows on the webportal that were not designed to run on the webportal (e.g. Fuzzy Cluster Neighbourgram models that don’t have a ‘view’ option on the webportal).

Thanks again,