Direct linking to workflows in WebPortal


I’m using KNIME Server 4.11.2 and I have 2 issues:

1- Using the URL with /webportal/ instead of /#/ takes me to an error page:

Something went wrong!
Sorry, this page doesn’t exist.

Also using /#/ with ?exec parameter gives me this error:

Trying to navigate to an unknown item.
Can not associate /<workflow path>?exec with a workflow, workflow group or job id.

2- It seems sending username and password with URLs is not supported since 4.11. Then What is the alternative approach to provide the login info automatically so the user doesn’t need to do so?


Hi Armin,

the path is a bit different on the new WebPortal. You’ll need to add “space” in the url, i.e. /knime/webportal/space/<<path_to_workflow>>

Regarding the workflow parameters: You should still be able to pass username and pw as parameters. Did you try to add them with & at the end of the url?


Hi Marten and thank you for your reply,

Yes, this format works now. But it’s not mentioned in the documentation.

Yes, I just tried it with the new URL format and it doesn’t work:
<workflow path>?exec&user=<username>&pw=<password> doesn’t work. Am I missing something?