Disabling python scripting output ports

Good Day,

I’m having a python scripting issue, but I can’t find
what I’m searching for on the net so maybe you guys can help me:

I’m writing a python script (2->2) where I want to take two tables as
parameters and make the Node behave like an If Switch Node. The problem I
have is that even tough I pass the selected table through the selected output
with a python If condition, the output port that doesnt pass the other table
remains activated and screws up the rest of the workflow by outputing an
empty table. So is there a command I can use to deactivate python node
outputs like an If Node would do?
Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards

Hi @El_Capit4n,

welcome to KNIME Community!

Don’t think you can deactivate output port with a Python or any other command. But you can place Empty Table Switch node after each Python port. So the port which outputs empty table will simply stop.



Thank you very much Ivan, it did exactly what I wanted to do !

Have a nice day.


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