Display a set of lat/long points on top a polygon (shapefile) in OSM

Hi all

Thanks to Knimers for the latest work in bringing shapefile and Open Street Map functionality. I am trying to create a map in OSM that shows a set of locations (lat/long points) on top of a broader 'background' geographical region (a transluscent polygon, brought in as a shapefile), but I have not had any success yet in combining these two elements on the map. Anyone attempted this?

I have tried converting the shapefile into a series of points and to bring them in via the 2nd inport of the OSM to Image node, but it seems there has to be some relationship with the lat/long points being brought in to the OSM node via the first inport. At the moment there is no relation - they are two separate bits of geographic data...


I don't know if it could help you, but you will find an example in the attachment.

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Thank you Fabien, I am trying to do something similar, but also to add a polygon shapefile into the background (e.g. in your example, something like a polygon of the Paris city boundary) - to give some extra context to the points. All this, via the 2nd in-port of the OSM To Image node.

Further reading the forums suggests that this is not (yet) possible... but thanks for your help.


Hey Mick where did you read that shapefile polygons aren’t possible? Im struggling right now to figure out how to do it but having no luck. Getting some weird row Id error…