Display Error Message in Batch Mode

Hi everyone,

I am using batch mode to execute Knime workflow, following instructions at https://www.knime.com/faq.

And then use python code from Is There a Way to Execute Knime Workflows with Python? .

Question: is there any way we can show any error message in cmd or Python (Jupyter Notebook) since the error is currently displayed as

Thank you!

When you run an external program from Python, you should be able to access the error and output streams of that program. See for example this post:


Hi @gab1one ,

Maybe I didn’t make it clear.

When I run the command (with an intentional typo)

# cmd options 
option_cmd = r"C:\Users\username\Downloads\knime_3.6.0\knime.exe -nosplash -application org.knime.product.KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION -noexit -consoleLog -rese - workflowDir=C:\\Users\\username\\knime-workspace\\cmd_test3"
option_cmd = os.path.join(knime_dir, option_cmd)

t0 = time.time()
call(option_cmd, shell=True)
print("Time takes:", time.time()-t0)

I only got the error in the pop-up log like this (the second window):

But when I closed the log window and let Python finish executing, there is no error message displayed:

Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you!

I am not quite sure why you get the pop-up window. This might be related to how you call KNIME in Python, that puts all the output into a separate window.

The ^C before the Time in your output indicates that the subprocess was canceled manually.

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