Display images as additional column with "Image Reader (Table)"


I want to display mostly png and jpg images but also tif and bmp image in a column next to data like numbers and text.

The normal “Read Images” node does only support png and svg, so I have to use the “Image Reader (Table)” node from “KNIME image processing” extension and it seems to support most image types.

But now I have a problem since I cannot display the image next to the data:

  • I can only display the image column alone in a table with default “Column Setting” “Column Creation Mode” “New Table” of the node “Image Reader (Table)”. If I join this with the former data, I get only URI data of the images and not the images themselves.
  • If I choose “Column Creation Mode” “Append” I get the error:
    "ERROR Image Reader (Table) 0:945 Execute failed: Cell count in row "Row123_Row567" is not equal to length of column names array: 1 vs. 30" The 30 columns are my former data and the 1 column is the image.

Hi @spider,

How does the structure of your input table look like? If you select to append the results and don’t set a suffix, the output column will be called “Image”, which might get you into trouble depending on your input data.

In general, I did not have a problem to load some images and append them to existing rows.


Thanks for the fast reply but the error is still there.

Now I have only two columns: number and the URI. In the image, you can the the settings and the error:

In general, the settings look reasonable. The error message contains a RowID, e.g. Row123_Row567. Did you check if those files have the same dimensionality like the rest? I am most concerned about vendor file formats that contain multiple series (e.g. spatial positions for which images have been acquired)?

I found the solution. The original problem are some files that have a non common jpeg compression and this seemt to cause the problem that KNIME shows.


Thanks for reporting back @spider!

Would you mind sharing one of the JPEGs that has lead to this error? We should add one of those to set of sample images and potentially improve on the error reporting in this case…

The error is “sof type 0xc3”. You can find other information using https://www.google.de/search?q=jpeg+sof+type+0xc3 and I downloaded and attached an image with the same error and you can see that the browser cannot display it.

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