Display outputs of python script


I have a machine learning python script. I am executing the entire code in python script node and it is executing perfectly fine. Now I have 2 outputs:

  1. a matplotlib graph showing predicted values
  2. a text (table showing values of the output graph as print())

How do I display these 2 outputs?

Hi @IndrishaBasu -

If you want a combined view of both the plot and the table, you could use a Python View node to generate the plot, and a Table View node taking the output of your Python Script node (as output_table, which should be a pandas dataframe). Wrap both of these nodes inside of a component.


Hi @ScottF, I want to show the last matplotlib graph as output image in python view but I am unable to see any image. I am using the python code from this link https://towardsdatascience.com/an-end-to-end-project-on-time-series-analysis-and-forecasting-with-python-4835e6bf050b. (graph in the section-producing and visualizing forecasts)

Any help would be appreciated.

You could have a look at these two examples


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