Displaying UTF-8 based characters in data views

KNIME Nodes save data for intermittent inspection. However UTF-8 based characters like '的' show up for me as 'çš„'; see attached picture. I have looked at DataColumnSpec and StringCell, but did not find any pointers regarding string encoding. How can I configure the cells in these tables to correctly display asian language characters?



Are you sure that data has been read correctly in the first place?

Thanks, yes the input data looks correctly processed. It should be replicable by:

protected BufferedDataTable[] execute(final BufferedDataTable[] inData, final ExecutionContext exec)
			throws Exception {
			final DataColumnSpec[] allColSpecs = new DataColumnSpec[1];
			allColSpecs[0] = new DataColumnSpecCreator("Chinese", StringCell.TYPE).createSpec();
			final DataTableSpec outputSpec = new DataTableSpec(allColSpecs);
			final BufferedDataContainer container = exec.createDataContainer(outputSpec);		
			final DataCell[] cells = new DataCell[1];
			cells[0] = new StringCell("汉语");
			final DataRow row = new DefaultRow("1", cells);
			final BufferedDataTable out = container.getTable();
			return new BufferedDataTable[] { out };

Make sure that Preferences>General>Editors>Text Editors>Spelling>Encoding is set to UTF-8, to save the source files as UTF-8. I also made sure that Content Types and Text File Encoding is set to UTF-8, although that shouldn't be necessary.

Have the same issue,all Chinese on my develop component are unreadable.