Dist Matrix Set Operation

I would like to use set operations like intersection and union on Collection Cells in the Java Distance node, but I can't see what operations are available on them. Is it possible?



Hi Julia,

I don't really get why you would want to do these operations within the Java Distance node and not beforehand with the standard Set Operator or other manipulation nodes. Can you explain it to me?


Hi Marten,

I would like to calculate a Distance matrix using Jaccard index as a distance measure. As this distance measure does not exist in the "Distance Matrix Calculate" node, I would like to create it using the "Java Distance" node. According to the definition of Jaccard index I need such operations as union and intersection.



Hi Julia

There is no predefined method to calculate the Jaccard index yet. If you ungroup your collection cells you could use Set Operator nodes to get union and intersection of the resulting columns. From the number of records in these two datasets you can then calculate the Jaccard index. Does this help as a workaround?