distance matrix


How would one calculate a 1*m distance matrix from a m*n input table? Filtering for 1st row after m*m comparisons may give the answer but obviously takes a long time. Looping of some kind?

Hi Insilico,

I just tried it both ways. Looping is really faster. the looping took me 3 secs and the whole matrix 30s for 5400 rows with 4 columns

The workflow is attached. Basically I loop over the rows. calculate a distance matrix between the first row and the one provided in the loop. After looping I split the distance matrices and filter the missing values e voila




PS: the time measurement is in the workflow as well

Thanks a lot Iris. Will check it out. Just realized that the similarity search node in Distance matrix category,also does the trick (without looping) . It has all the distance measures and can calculate distance and 1-distance (similarity).

thanks again!